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Under 99.5% from the high volume sellers you have been buying from is quite poor.
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Re: did i open too many cases?
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Re: did i open too many cases?
in reply to Double Side Knot VIX PaulaHermanny Black VIX PAULAHERMANNY With Credit Card Buy Cheap Manchester Clearance Lowest Price Cheap Pre Order xdKOJKS8L
Jan 6, 2017 2:18:14 AM
Jan 6, 2017 2:18:14 AM
no problems yet, i think ebay are aware of the china problem maybe that's why i got a pass. 29 seems a lot but it's about 2% of my purchases.
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Re: did i open too many cases?
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Re: did i open too many cases?
in reply to brand_spanking_new Jan 6, 2017 2:25:00 AM
Jan 6, 2017 2:25:00 AM

Yes, ebay is aware of the China problem and collectively do not give a hoot. They will rescind your MBG options before even thinking about booting Chinese sellers whoare refunding due to "lost" packages.

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Re: did i open too many cases?
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Re: did i open too many cases?
in reply to brand_spanking_new Jan 6, 2017 5:01:23 AM
Jan 6, 2017 5:01:23 AM

Well then you take your chances.

Keep opening cases and you will find your buyer protection cancelled.

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Re: did i open too many cases?
Re: did i open too many cases?
in reply to virtualwhimsy Jan 6, 2017 7:30:41 AM
Jan 6, 2017 7:30:41 AM

well if thats the way it goes, that's the way it goes, what can you do? spend more money to keep ebay happy?

i also buy a lot on aliexpress, and for some reason i had much less stuff not arriving from there.

99.9% of the time it arrives, any idea why is that? maybe ebay is more open to scams?

or maybe because aliexpress is based in china they can investigate thing better than ebay.

anybody knows?

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Re: did i open too many cases?
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Re: did i open too many cases?
in reply to brand_spanking_new Jan 6, 2017 7:39:47 AM
Jan 6, 2017 7:39:47 AM

eBay isn't exposed to more scams.29 cases is too many. Buyere who opened 10-22 cases have come here complaining that they lost their buyer protection. So you can either change your buying habits and buy from sellers outside China or you can continue to buy from China at your own risk. The money back guarantee is not a personal insurance policy for repeated bad decisions.

Figure 3 with 1 supplement
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() was overexpressed in newborn daughter cells expressing Vph1-mCherry using a β-estradiol inducible system where a GAL4-Estrogen binding domain-VP16 (GEV) fusion protein drives promoter …

Figure 3—figure supplement 1
Download asset Open asset

was overexpressed in newborn daughter cells using a β-estradiol inducible system where a GAL4-Estrogen binding domain-VP16 (GEV) fusion protein drives promoter expression of an …

We previously found that delaying the reduction of vacuole acidity during aging by increasing V-ATPase levels extends replicative lifespan ( Outlet Original Womens Nena Jeans Gang Footaction Cheap Online Free Shipping Deals IPBjj
). Given the evidence presented above that Pma1 levels antagonize vacuolar acidity, we asked whether reduced Pma1 activity also affected lifespan. Indeed, the pma1-105 allele increased median replicative lifespan by ∼30% ( Figure 3C ), comparable to well-characterized lifespan-extending mutations ( Fast Delivery For Sale Womens Gritanny Lambskin Miniskirt Isabel Marant Cheap Sale With Paypal Quality Free Shipping For Sale Clearance Pre Order p1XsEf2tP
). The slope of the pma1-105 lifespan curve is similar to the slope of the wild-type curve. This suggests that instead of influencing the rate of aging throughout lifespan, the pma1-105 allele delays the onset of the normal aging process. To ascertain whether lifespan extension by the pma1-105 allele occurred entirely via increased vacuolar acidity, we examined the lifespan of pma1-105 cells that lacked V-ATPase function. Cells lacking the V-ATPase subunit Vma2 had a short median lifespan of 2 divisions, as previously reported ( Hughes and Gottschling, 2012 ). The lifespan of cells that had reduced Pma1 activity and that were devoid of V-ATPase function ( vma2 Δ, pma1-105 ) was much shorter than wild-type lifespan (median 7 divisions), and more similar to cells lacking V-ATPase function. This suggests that most of the lifespan extension imparted by the pma1-105 allele requires V-ATPase function, but that the mechanism of lifespan extension is not limited to increased vacuolar acidification. Taken together these results support the idea that high Pma1 levels on mother cells impair vacuole acidification and limit lifespan.

In addition to Pma1 antagonizing mother cell vacuole acidity with age, we also hypothesized that the inherent asymmetry of Pma1, and thus low levels on buds, allows for re-acidification of the vacuole in buds. To test this idea, we asked whether expressing Pma1 in buds reduced vacuole acidity. We induced overexpression of PMA1-mCherry in cells arrested prior to cytokinesis with nocodazole and in untreated cells ( Figure 3D ). In untreated cells, overexpression increased mother cell Pma1 levels but maintained mother-bud asymmetry. However, in nocodazole-arrested cells, PMA1-mCherry became equivalently high in mother cells and buds. At least 80% of buds had acidic vacuoles without PMA1 induction or when PMA1 was induced in the absence of nocodazole ( Figure 3E ). In contrast, only 13% of buds had acidic vacuoles when Pma1 levels were high in buds. Because increased Pma1 levels in buds impaired re-acidification of the vacuole, we conclude that the inherent asymmetry of Pma1 is required for regeneration of vacuole acidity prior to cytokinesis. We speculate that regeneration of vacuole acidity is required for daughter cell rejuvenation and that if high levels of Pma1 were induced in the buds of aging mother cells, daughter cells would not rejuvenate.

Power BI
Sign in
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Power BI Pro is an individual license that allows access to all content and capabilities in the Power BI service, including the ability to share content and collaborate with other Pro users. Only Pro users can publish to and consume content from app workspaces, share dashboards, and subscribe to dashboards and reports. This article explains how to purchase Power BI Pro licenses in Office 365.


You must be a member of the Global administrator or Billing administrator role in Office 365.

Global administrator Billing administrator

Follow these steps to purchase Power BI Pro licenses:

Open the Wear Resistance Latest Sale Online DESIGN Wedding Slim Suit Waistcoat In Pastel Blue Blue Asos Online Cheap Cheap Low Shipping BLsNKJKBR

On the left navigation pane, select Billing > Subscriptions .

Billing Subscriptions

In the upper right corner of the Subscriptions page, select Add subscriptions .

Add subscriptions

Locate the desired subscription offering:

Under Enterprise Suite , select Office 365 Enterprise E5 .

Enterprise Suite Office 365 Enterprise E5

Under Other Plans , select Power BI Pro .

Other Plans Power BI Pro

Hover over the ellipses (…) for the desired subscription, and select Buy now .

Buy now

Choose Pay monthly or Pay for a full year , according to your billing preference.

Pay monthly Pay for a full year

Under How many users do you want? enter the desired number of licenses, and then select Check out now to complete the transaction.

How many users do you want? Check out now

Verify that the acquired subscription is now listed on the Subscriptions page.

To add more licenses after the initial purchase, select Power BI Pro from the Subscriptions page, and then select Add/Remove licenses .

Add/Remove licenses

Now that you've purchased licenses, assign them to users in your tenant.

Discount Official classic shirt Blue Ermenegildo Zegna Clearance Browse voTtCXbL

Assign licenses to users in Azure

Power BI Pricing

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Choose the type you'd like to provide:

You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub .

Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Read about this change in our blog post .